deals8.5" x 11" multipurpose paper, 10-ream caseā€¦


Walmart has the same thing right now... by the ream instead of by the case. $2.50 each. No rebates, just a straight $2.50.


You're comparing apples with lemons here. Walmart's "GP" paper is lower brightness, doesn't soak ink into the paper as well (inkjet), and leaves more "paper dust" in your printer. It's like comparing a Kia with a Corvette. They're both cars.


I have a laser printer so the ink soaking or brightness doesn't bother me at all. I'm sticking with Walmart. I'll take the lemons (or a Kia) ANYDAY.... Keep your vet and your apples... LOL :o


Looks like there is no rebate involved. Just a coupon. Price currently good through 8/3/13