dealsvizio 47" m470sl 1080p 120hz razor edge lit led…


It's refurbished by the SELLER, not the manufacturer.


Not sure about the refurb job but I bought this set new from BJs last month for around $650. So far, I've been very happy. The Netflix app works great and with the dedicated Netflix button on remote it is easy to get to. Also, the remote has a QWERTY keyboard on the back making it pretty easy to search for things on the YouTube, Netflix or Amazon apps. I'm not a videophile but I've been happy with the picture quality too.


I bought this TV in September from Costco for around $650 new. I've been very happy with it.

I don't have Netflix or Hulu Plus, so I can't comment on those apps. The Amazon streaming app is OK, but I like the one on my Roku better. The Youtube one works pretty well, and I can browse on my phone and show the videos on the TV, but that doesn't seem to stick and I have to set it up each time.

As a TV though, it's been fine.