dealstwo samsung 8 gb microsdhc memory cards for $10…


Class 6 8Gb x 2 and people aren't liking it??


Tried to sign in to their site but they seem to have forgotten my password. Clicked on their "send a new password" but that doesn't work either, no password sent. Tried it three times but no joy.

So Groupon, you lose.


Nice, if I didn't have larger capacity cards everywhere I'd pick these up. Go groupon !


can get a pair of 8gig'ers on nomorerack for $8 free shipping


I think they may be sold out. I logged in and tried to order, but the "complete order" button did not work. I tried again just in case I missed something and got the same result.


Most orders ship within 7-10 days? Is that business days? I almost bought these, but if they're going to ship after I leave the country, that won't be useful during my trip.



Class 4 instead of 6, and $2 shipping makes it $10 anyway. Still a decent deal in its own right.


i was going to post this deal yesterday, until I searched and saw that this deal went for $7.99 shipped a few days ago.

And you could buy single ones for $3.99 shipped.

Yes I realize both those deals are dead. Just thought to myself that $10 wasn't as cheap as they've been in the past. Still not a bad price at 10 bucks though.