dealslogitech c270 hd pro webcam for $9.99


This works very nice. Don't let the "HD" fool you... you might be able to pull off HD video offline, but don't expect Skype to do the same. The microphone on mine is really sensitive; the other side can hear everything on this end, even regular conversations across the room.

If I can think of how I might use it, I'll be in for 1 or more...


I like that you're saving $110 (per the website)! Shipping is $4.95 each, even when you order a bunch at the same time. Just so you know.

-- Ed


Wow, I didn't even notice their list price. That's ridiculous! Still, half price (the real price, that is) for a refurb isn't bad. I still haven't thought of how I would us it...

BTW the web site is offering free shipping for two weeks once their FB gets 300,000 friends/likes. Last I looked they were at around 280,000.


Yes, a good price - I didn't mean to be critical. Looks like refurbs on other sites are $20 - $25, new is $30 at Target, $35 at Amazon. I'm thinking about it....

-- Ed