deals6 1/2 - qt. stainless steel slow cooker with…


Just got one! Thank you so much for the heads up - we got a baby on the way and lord knows I could use an electronic assistant for making meals. Fantastic price, and (I think) the same model in a different color/wrap got good reviews.

It's made by "The Sportsman's Guide", which you can see if you select the zoom picture - I used that to nose around about quality and such.


i wish i could find more reviews.. cant find it on amazon. anyone know anything about the company or have one?


we use four that look EXACTLY like that (except for the logo) at work, and they're ace!


I hate when I can't get the code to load up right. Went to and was given $39.97 as my price instead of $24.97. Tried to find the product in the clearance section of the website thinking that it might be marked down in another section but had no luck. Also has the exact same thing at the exact same price, $39.97. Hopefully they will fix this and I will get a new cooker for my apartment.


I have this at home. The lid isn't heavy enough so it rattles while it cooks (really obnoxious sound) as steam escapes. Would not recommend.


This looks exactly like a brand that I use (including the mini pot) and I absolutely love them both. They're reliable, easy to clean, and just the right size to make great, easy meals. Pulled Pork, brisket, peach cobbler, and roast are among my culinary endeavors so far. Recommend. Highly.


in for 2! thanks for the find!!