dealsfoldable traveling backpack for $10.80


Hi, and welcome to !! A couple of well-meant suggestions:

It's helpful for Wootizens -- and can increase your upvotes -- to note when an item such as this backpack is eligible for Amazon's Prime shipping. You can't list it in the subject line as "free shipping," since the accepted meaning of "free" is "nothing at all is required from the buyer to get free shipping," but it's great to note in the text that it's Prime-eligible and when appropriate, that it qualifies for Amazon's Free Super Savings Shipping. (Personally, I put that info in the very first line -- I want folks to notice it!)

A "deal" is generally considered to be something that is on sale or has a discount coupon or code available. This backpack doesn't meet that standard. It's not totally prohibited here, but an item that's not on sale is more likely to get you some down-votes.