dealsdel taco - 2 free grilled chicken tacos + freeā€¦


I wish we had a Del Taco here :(

It's one of my favorite fast food chains to grab when we visit my wife's family in California


Signed up - let me try these tacos...


@capguncowboy: Me too. But Taco Cabana's are better and don't have any of them around here either.


@capguncowboy: Me, too. We don't have one of @mtm2's Taco Cabana, either. (sigh)


@mtm2: Where are those located? I don't travel as much as I used to, but I'll be sure to check them out if ever given the chance


Del Taco has a store locator on the homepage of their site. Whenever I'm near one I want one, and their prices are great. I always enjoy their food. They also have good tasting hamburgers and fries because they merged a long time ago with Naugles, which was a very well known hamburger chain in California.