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Take note ... ships from China, so it won't be fast.


For Kindle Fire HD you should use output of 2.1 amp for rapid charge. The least costly type of wall charger udb adapter with this power delivery is around $10.


it's only a 1A
i thought it might be a 2A

Perfect for replacement or spare U.S. power adapter in office / home.
Input: 100-240V / 0.15A / 50-60Hz
Output: 5V / 1A


Power adapters are typically one of those "You get what you pay for" items. These cheap Chinese knock-offs deliver very noisy, inconsistent power and are very rarely any where close to the rated output. Mostly you probably won't notice it, but your battery longevity will take a hit if you use them too often, and if you get a really bad one, you'll notice funky touch-screen issues whenever you connect it to them (among other things).

From what I've read, the OEM HP Touchpad charger is one of the best but is hard to find, and Apple, and Samsung OEM chargers are also excellent.

This link is for the Samsung OEM charger for the GS3, but make sure you buy it from someone shipping from the US to be sure you get a genuine one. The HK/China sellers are apparently shipping fakes.