dealswii remote plus - white (nintendo wii) for $30.00…


Can't you get an entire Wii for that price that will include a controller?


I can't believe those things are still this expensive, with the Wii dead and the Wii U on life support.


Not a bad deal, but yeah I got almost a complete system from a Cowboom sale for $40 and that included a controller and everything except the AV cables which I found locally for about $7.


I got a used Condition 5 Wii remote from Cowboom last month for $14 out the door and when I got it, it looked as if no one has ever even touched it, looked brand spankin new. Try your luck with cowboom if you need a remote, dont buy a new one for full price.


This is for a Wiimote with Motion Plus built in. Which is important for the select few of us that play Tiger Woods Wii for the sheer pleasure of being as mediocre at fake golf as we are at real golf. Random tangent aside it is a good price for motion plus built in. And it isn't as cumbersome as the add on one.


@malio: By your "logic," with the Wii U being "on life support," the Wii would be alive and well, as it is outselling the Wii U still.
Of course, none of what you say is true, so there's that.


@malio: Wii Still selling hundreds of thousands of units a month dead? Troll.


@tggb3k: It's also needed for playing Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (:


Price is now back to $39.99, deal is hence dead. Surprised that it got only 3 downvotes, considering how many people actively invest time and energy in hating the Wii here.


@stryker4526: Hey nintendo boy, the only home console selling worse than the Wii now is the Wii U (, and the Wii has a whopping total of 8 (wow 8!) titles releasing this year (

Of course, everything I said was true. If you're not a bitter fanboy. ;)


@malio: Yes, clearly I am a fanboy because you say so.
Nevermind that the Wii and the 3DS are the two top selling consoles and portables, respectively, of the last generation. PS3 and 360 are STILL playing catch up with Wii's total global sales.
Just because you're a fanboy of Sony/Microsoft and are blind to reality doesn't mean everyone who says anything positive about other consoles is also a fanboy.

By the way, I own all three last-gen consoles, as well as a Wii U, and before the announcement of the restriction on used games on the One, I probably would have bought both a One and a PS4 as well.
Who's the fanboy now?


@stryker4526: I didn't say one thing about the Wii not being the top selling console (and I didn't say anything about the 3ds!), because the Wii certainly is the top selling console this generation! To someone with reading comprehension, that would have been obvious.

What I ACTUALLY SAID was "the Wii is dead" and the "Wii U is on life support". I'm referring to currently. Both of which are at the bottom of the sales barrell now. This supports my first statement about how I couldn't believe the wii remotes were still so expensive.

Just stop.


@malio: Since I posted this deal, I would like to put in a few words in reply to your comment.

First, you said the console is dead, which implies it is of no relevance and nobody plays it. This clearly is not true. Just because the Wii does not have the legions of loud and devout fans that the X360 and PS3 have does not in any way indicate that it is not being played anywhere. The Wii still sells consoles to this day, and still sells more than the MS and Sony offerings combined.

And you comment that you feel the Wiimotes are overpriced, yet they are cheaper than the wireless PS3 ($44 at bestbuy) and X360 ($40) controllers and neither of those have any kind of motion sensing abilities built in. While the MS and Sony controllers have more buttons, the Wiimotes undoubtedly have more technology in them - and this deal is for the Wiimotes with built in motion plus.