dealstardis salt and pepper shakers for $8.00


Are they bigger on the inside?


@lister22: I know! I double and triple-checked that! This site usually doesn't have such high shipping charges so I'm not sure what that's about. I almost didn't post it when I saw that, then I did the math and saw that the total cost is still lower than elsewhere. Still, I wonder why they're charging so much for shipping.


Agree with Maddenman2000. I bought the Dalek/Tardis set off Think Geek (overpriced) for a friend for Christmas and the quality looks to be much better. It wasn't much more than these if you count in shipping.


I'd rather have a black pepper grinder shaped like a sonic screwdriver. That would pair a Tardis salt shaker perfectly.


doesn't look like a real doctor who item the look and packaging is all wrong.


@lister22: well thats what it says in the description...


I ordered them tomorrow and they arrived yesterday.


@bleachbunny: Agreed. And the bobbie on the packaging also makes me think knock off.


Description says Tardis, but I don't see it on the box.

As Freud told the Doctor, sometimes a police box is just a police box.


AND not eligible for return. Think I'll pass.


It looks like one side of the salt cellar has a cartoonish bobby painted on it.

From that, I'm guessing that these are decidedly NOT Tardises (Tardi?). Just police boxes that wouldn't sell, so they turned them around for the photos to hide the copper and decided to call them Tardises.

And with the non-eligibility for returns, I call rip off!


The same product at Amazon is described as "Doctor Who-Style Police Box". That's marginally less deceiving. This is definitely no TARDIS. Amazon DOES have some Doctor Who salt and pepper shakers though: The salt is a TARDIS and the pepper is a Dalek.