dealsblazing saddles (blu-ray) for $4.99 + freeā€¦


Right on time,this gets posted at least twice a month!


No thanks. Thirteen is my limit on Schnitzengrubben...


@rayray8822: it wouldn't let me pick the correct picture. it seems to happen quite a bit when posting a deal from Frys. don't know why though.


On a movie this old, does Blu-ray actually increase the quality anymore than a DVD could?


@silentlegend: A movie like BS was probably shot on 35mm film stock which is actually better than BD so assuming they remastered it from the original stock(which they have) it will indeed look better on BD than DVD. Note the DVD copy of this film also looks quite good but BD shows resolution never before seen on DVD.
I previously owned this on DVD and questioned whether to purchase it again on BD but I never regretted my decision.
I can't say the same for Young Frankenstein which because it's B&W I feel if you have it on DVD you aren't missing too much from the BD version, JMO.
Oh and for those wondering........this is sure a (profanity)load of dimes.......;)


Hi Def Digest gives the picture quality 4/5.

Oh, and the mandatory YouTube clip. RIP Alex Karas