dealsindiana jones: the complete adventures [5 discs…


WARNING: Includes 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'.


Is it okay if I use Crystal Skull as a coaster for my beverage?


George Lucas is a A** for making me buy all or nothing, when there are only 2 good films. Hello Torrented copy


I disagree with people who get all upset about Kingdom of the Crystal Skull alone. You can complain about Temple of Doom and Kingdom, and I guess that's valid, but there really are two great, and two okay, Indiana Jones movies.


Maybe it is because Temple was my first Indiana Jones, but it has always been my favorite.


Temple had the best arcade game tie-in.
Mine carts, ftw.

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Every time this deal comes around, which is fairly frequently lately, it flushes out the KotCS whiners. Either buy it or don't and save your whine for something really cheesey.


I happen to like them all.


@froggyhiccups: You don't have to buy all or nothing. You can perfectly well buy Crystal Skull alone.


@charlesp2009: personally I think it would be more useful in the trash.


Temple may be the worst of the original three, but comparing it to Crystal Skulls is like comparing Return of the Jedi to any of the prequels.


When I think of TV shows "jumping the shark", I don't think of TV shows, I think about several Indiana Jones movie scenes:

Life raft out the plane, down the mountain, etc.

Mine car chase.

Eating monkey brains from their heads.

It's not to say I don't like the movies, especially since they are supposed to be B-movie afternoon serial type shows. It's just that those three scenes just keep popping into my head like a song you can't get rid of. Oh, and surviving on the U-boat in an outside compartment?