dealshp debranded 27" led 1080p ultra slim widescreen…


I agree on the 23" one. I have it sitting next to my HP branded one...the are the same. I just cannot see an extra $80 for 4 more inches. Overkill.


I own a 24" and a 27" at home, and yes, it's only 3 more inches than a 24... but I use the 24 as a second monitor on the system that has the 27, and the 24 just looks tiny compared to the 27. The 27 has 26.56% screen area... that's more than 1/4 as much space. Trust me, the diagonal sizing makes it sound like a small difference but it is actually a huge difference.

At work I have a 22" as my main monitor and a 20" as the secondary, and the 20" just looks tiny compared to the 22. They are both the same resolution too, but it's just night and day difference.

Don't be fooled by the seemingly miniscule 3" of difference. Also, regarding the 23" monitor... the 27" has 37.81% more area... so over 1/3 as much screen surface. As long as the refurbished monitor holds up, $180 is a great deal on them.


How good is the Daily Steals website? And their refurbs? Never heard of them before.


If I needed one that big, I'd be all over it. When I use dual monitors I like them to be the same size, and I have a 23.


Daily Steals is pretty good. I've gotten a few things from them. They ship slow though so don't get in any hurry and give never had to RMA anything so I can't help you there.

As for same size dual monitors... I agree... you should get two of these. ;) but seriously the increase in size isn't necessary unless you sit far from your monitor or just like to have everything really big... if you have bad eyes.


Anyone know if it is VESA mountable?


@ericpost: Very poor luck with dailysteals. I like the item and the price but would never give this site that much money.Takes them a long time to ship, and if you have a problem with what you receive,boy do you have a problem.CS is of little or no help if they even respond. Hope others chime in with their horror stories.