dealsbarska 140 lumen 3w led zoom flashlight for $29.95


LOL,reg price $105.99!!! You can buy very similar flashlights for under $10 on Meritline any day of the week.


A 3-pack of 200 lumen 'tactical' flashlights at Costco is still more than 10 bucks cheaper than one of these...


I bought the same flashlight from Amazon for $5 and it came with a belt clip.... deals woot is a joke.


@xzelick: Please show the link where you bought a Barska 140 Lumen 3W LED Zoom Flashlight and not some generic Chinese knock-off product.


@laalo: No I actually bought a much better brand called Surefire, who the hell is Barska? rofl

They are all made in China and 100 different companies stamp their names on them.


So, are you saying you bought a 140lm Surefire for $5???

Barska is a well known brand. Not crap, they actually hold a few patents on battery trays.

Pretty cool stuff.


Here is the link to the same light on their site.

its a decent light for the price offered above, but for $50 I think you could do better.

The small zoom-able lights are very handy and you will be hard pressed to find a better light in this form factor