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When I bought mine a couple of months ago, there was a $25 credit when you signed up on their site, so I got mine for $194 after rebate (plus tax.) I don't know if that promo is still valid. Even if it's not, the $219 final price is the lowest I've seen here.

Note that this is NEW and not a refurb like the ebay deal. And also it is 450 watt NOT 325 like the other lower priced deals here.

I really LOVE mine, and got my rebate in less than 3 weeks. The rebate I got required purchase by 3/31/13 but there may be a new rebate out there. Even so, if you order today, you should be good.


Just a word of caution about the rebates. DH got this for me for Christmas (after I did much explaining that I really DID want a kitchen appliance as a gift). He decided to be cute and presented it all set up in our kitchen, out of the box which he had already pitched. Without the original UPC code off of the box, we could not get the $50 rebate that had been the deciding point in our purchase. Urgh!


How do you get the rebate? Is there a coupon or online form?


I just callled them. I was told there is no rebate on this item unless as a member it is is emailed to you or offered in your account online.


Here's a link to the form I used:$30_CashBack.pdf?cj=true&AID=10379254&PID=3668349&CCAID=AFFL1

Must buy by 3/31 and mail by 4/30/13.

I sent a copy of the online invoice from this site, along with the form and the bar code, and got mine within 3 weeks!

Hope it works for you as well!


The $30 MIR also worked for me, buying the same model from this website. Had a check in hand within about 2 weeks.