dealsipad mini 16 gb for $299.99


I knew there was a reason why I waited to get my mini.. in for 1, just got my pickup confirmation email.


Before purchasing this, please compare it to the less expensive but better, ASUS Google Nexus 7. I can't see why anyone in their right mind would pay more for a Toyota than a Lexus....


It appears Woot 'helpfully' edited the headline; but "$299.99 Store Pickup Only" for the offer was not "$299.99 only if you pick it up, otherwise you pay shipping which makes it more than $299.99"; the offer is "$299.99. Store Pickup Only." Unlike many other items, it appears Micro Center will not ship this. You must pick up in-store; shipping is not available, unlike what the (edited) headline shows.


@mrc131: I appreciate the metaphor, but of course Toyota and Lexus are simply different badges of the same company, so it's not an exact one. I do find it interesting that when it comes to cars no one is considered 'insane' for preferring a car make for its styling, attention to detail, service, or simple loyalty even in the face of a technically 'superior' model with better 'technical' specs. There's a reason the low-rent car companies advertise 'features found in models twice the price'... People care about more than features. The Nexus line is good hardware and Android has definite strengths, but there are plenty of reasons to prefer Apple devices as well.


@mrc131: I wouldn't use the Toyota-Lexus analogy.

Having both in the house, I see it as how hands-on do you want to be with the OS and set-up. If you like the single set-up, the simplicity of running everything through iTunes, never having to get under the hood, and Apple's walled garden, the Apple OS is better. If you're capable and willing do the many app set-ups, fine tuning things the way you want, choosing which version of Android and even upgrading it yourself, an Android tablet is for you.

I will note that I find whenever an Apple product gets a major OS upgrade, that product basically sucks because its old hardware can't seem to handle the new OS. The conspiracy theorist in me would say that's intentional because Apple wants you to ditch your old [insert Apple product] and get the latest and greatest at crazy a$$ prices.


I like to cleverly refer to these as the "iPod Touch Large."
Clever, right? :)


Huge android fan here, got my Nexus 4 on release day and it's my third android phone. The problem is that the tablet experience sucks. For me, the 7 inch androids are simply the wrong shape, they are too long and too skinny. The ipad mini has more screen real estate and is fatter and shorter but still lighter. It's a much better option but probably not worth $100 more than a Nexus 7 until you think about resale value.

The reality is, for better or worse, that if you want to update on say a yearly basis, the ipad will lose less resale value (in %age terms and perhaps nominally also) than the Nexus and that renders the price difference minimal.

Option 1: Buy Nexus 7 for $200, keep for one year, sell for $125-140 when updated version is released. Annual cost $60-75.
Option 2: Buy ipad mini for $300 at Microcenter, keep for one year, sell for around $225-250. Annual cost - $50-75.

Which option looks better now?


@cjl1983: Why would you sell the Nexus after only 1 year? Your argument would only be valid if Android users had the same mindset that Apple users have. Having the latest and greatest is cool and all, but it's usually not necessary. That Nexus will do just fine for at least 2 years.


@cjl1983: You make some good points, but there is no reason to upgrade every year. These devices may not last a lifetime, but 2-3 years is a reasonable expectation.


If you keep them 2-3 years then the nexus is worthless, while the ipad won't be. The longer you keep the device the better the ipad gets for value.


@cjl1983: I guess I just don't buy a product with the intention to resell it. I buy it and use it until it can't be used anymore. I don't lease cars either. When I buy things, I get my money's worth out of it. I keep it until it no longer meets my needs. Your needs may be more specific that you require a yearly upgrade. I keep my stuff nice and know how to use all its features and find workarounds for stuff it can't do. That's what I think defines a savvy consumer; find something that meets your needs, buy it cheap, and use it to its full potential for as long as you can.


@bsmith1: then the ipad mini is your best bet. It'll last longer than the nexus 7... i've got an original ipad 1 and when I bought a nexus 7 I still found myself wanting to use the ipad and returned it. I'm a huge android fan, rooting and romming to get it to do what I want, but the tablets still don't come close to the ipad experience. The phones are great but Android is no good on tablets.


@first2summit: I agree with the first part, however I still use a 1st gen iPad on a daily basis. There are three newer generations and the original is still fine. I can't get newer updates, but for basic usage, it still works great.


Add another person who is very happy with his nexus 4, but has found the tablet experience on android lacking. The tablet apps are just leagues above those on android when you can even find them. If you really value that added experience, and want a tablet that is under 10 inches, then that leaves the mini. I would have a mini by now if it was a higher pixel density. For me that is the only problem with the product as it is. When they get retina, it will be my next and only tablet.


@rossismyname: I totally agree. I have an iPad 2, (replaced my 1st gen iPad), and while I may replace it this year, it still hold up just fine. The only reason I upgraded to it was for the cameras, and I've certainly gotten value out of them.

Regarding the iPad Mini, it may be my next iPad, but it's just not ready, yet. While the pixel density is higher than that of my iPad 2, it's not as high as those of my other Apple devices, and feels a little old. And, of course, it's nearly the same as my iPad 2 with some faster connectivity options and a few more software options. I might "upgrade" to it when there's a retina version that is a solid hardware improvement from my iPad 2.


@cjl1983: I disagree, an iPad won't be useful for that long if you update the OS. Since you have to update the OS to update the apps you paid for, your tablet will get slower and slower with each update until it's useless. Android doesn't have that problem. In fact most Android updates speed the device up. I have a 4th gen ipod and 1st gen iPad that are now completely useless because of Apple's updated iOS. On the iPod it takes several minutes to register that I want to scroll my list of music, and the device is under 2 years old. That's Crap, my first generation Motorola Droid still runs faster and it's much older.