deals7 deals all for $1.99 shipped (winter hats…


Darn it, why don't they think of guys when they make these things? I've already given up my Man License to wear Crocs because they're so darn practical and useful, so now I want comfy things too.


I wish other guys were as reliable as delgenius--these guys are awesome!


@jixiar: I am a man and I just bought 4 pairs of the socks. Why? Because under your shoes and pants no one can see how comfy your feet are. Also, I love the feeling of toe socks.


@jixiar: Tell me about it. I couldn't find THICK warm dress socks for the life of me (aside from skiing/snowboarding socks). I ended up finding a 3-pack of Wigwam socks for women and they fit well and are super warm! Now I don't have to wear super thin dress socks when I want to look more dressy yet stay warm. Warm dress socks rock! These, however, are a little more "loud". But toe socks? I could try a pair. :/

Oh, in for three for $5.67 shipped, with that 5% off code. Oh, I opted for the non-fuzzy size 9-13 ones instead. :)