deals4 piece usb cable & wall charger kit for apple…


Manufacturer: Aftermarket (Unknown)

Not an Official Apple Product


Buyer beware.! Bought several of these from this companyand none of the cables work for my iPhone 3gs. Phone says not a supported device or something like that. Buyer beware!


I was gonna buy it because 3.49 + free shipping is still a great deal even if it is aftermarket but then I noticed the sellers feedback. 1284 negative just in the last month alone!

Everyone complains that the shipping takes forever or items don't work at all. Sorry but with feedback like that, I simply can't purchase from this eBay seller.


So sad that an ebay seller is featured on woot, selling cheap aftermarket junk, using the Apple brand name.


Bad seller. Ebay has plenty of great sellers, just check their feedback prior to purchasing. Don't let one or two negative comments sway your decision, can't please everyone. This seller. however has tons of negative. Buy from another seller.


This seller has 98.2% feedback over the past 12 months.


If you want Official Apple product charger and sync cable for cheap, I can vouch for simplecellllc on eBay...

I bought from them a week ago and when I received it, it was legit. Recommended.


How did this get ranked high enough to be featured when clearly the product or seller are subpar?


If this junk keeps floating to the top on Woot, then I have no reason to use this site. I can Google or Ebay search crap like this myself.


@thecheeta: It's called a sponsored link - the seller paid to be featured on top here.


So exactly as suspected......woot bought off by a cheap aftermarket keyword spamming reseller. Money talks.... will never purchase here again.


Apple sells these for $20 each so this is $40 through apple. I just checked and this ebay retailer has 98.2 positive feedback. I have a couple of ipods that my kids use. I have an abundance of cables although the usb power plugs seem to disappear. I don't mind the slow shipping as there is no shipping charge. Worse case scenario I'm out $3.49 I've bought similar cables from 3rd party re-sellers and have never had an issue.


Just got mine today. I used it with my Ipod Nano 3rd problems! It'll be nice to have two chargers around and the price was right.