dealssolar powered 50 led rope lighting for $12.99


Overall pretty good reviews:

A couple reviews mention the battery life being not-so-great, but since others rave about it, I'd say they just got crappy Li-Ion rechargeables. Looks like it takes a single standard AA, so it's easier to replace it than send back, IMO, if there's a problem. Eventually you'll have to anyway - rechargeables don't last forever - so it's good to know the battery is relatively cheap & easy to find.

One tip: the tubing is described as "coiling like a snake". This is because the plastic has memory. Once you get it strung (or while it's held straight on an uncarpeted floor, try heating it with a hairdryer to relax the plastic out of its coils. Make sure the rope switch is set to OFF, because LEDs are very sensitive to temperature while operating!


Also: Amazon has them (or another brand) for twice the price, with slightly worse reviews. Some people seem to be expecting a miracle product, so some of the bad reviews are "It's too big!" (it's described as a "rope", not a "thread", you dummy!).


OK, last post, I swear! And I have no connection to Home Depot; in fact I usually prefer Lowe's.

From the Home Depot reviews I linked above, it's clear this brand is far better than the Flipo brand that sells everywhere else:

"i have some other rope lights off amazon by flipo, and these flipo lights were less expensive in that they were the same price, but 30 feet long -- so literally half the price. but these latter lights are not nearly as bright as the home depot / hampton bay ones. and i probably would not have even noticed or minded, had i not noticed how much brighter the home depot / hampton bay ones were. plus, on my other sets by flipo (i have 3!), the rechargeable battery (just an AA) died after about 2 months on each (i replaced it with them with sanyo enercell AA's from costco!). the home depot set however, has lasted longer and burns brighter."