dealsbioshock 2 - pc game download for $4.00 + free…


If this is like other Green Man Gaming coupons, it can be used multiple times with separate orders. If you want to buy two items in one basket, you can apply the other active Green Man Gaming coupon code GMG20-AWDF9-Q1PEY to get 20% off your second item.


With this code you can get Civ 5 Gods and Kings for only 18 bucks. Best price I've seen for it yet.


I don't think this can be activated on Steam like some other Green Man Gaming games can.


@ooter37: What is the benefit of linking to Steam, tying into the community and auto-update features? BioShock and BioShock2 are each $20 on Steam so $30 extra is pretty steep compared to this.


@pz@woot: I just found one - my Visa wanted to set up "Verified by Visa" service (maybe because GreenMan is UK based?) and then wouldn't validate payment when I tried to skip it. That doesn't happen with Steam. Way too late tonight to call, have to figure it out tomorrow.