dealspopular magazine subscriptions for $2.99 + freeā€¦


Which magazines are $2.99? Is this different than the Sponsored deal from the other day?


@rokujou: Maxim is the only one that's $2.99. Otherwise it's pretty much the same as yesterday's sponsored deal.


@atravis6: It's not 'pretty much' the same deal that was posted yesterday, it's EXACTLY the same deal.
Title is actually a bit misleading for "popular magazines 2"99' when it's only 1 that is actually 2.99
Even though the post is not terribly accurate, some of the magazine subscriptions are very good deals. There was quite a discussion about the deals and the company when it was posted yesterday, so anybody that has any interest might do well to refer back to yesterday's post


Apologies, I missed that this deal was already up. :x