dealspop-tarts, frosted chocolate chip cookie dough…


Really a pretty good deal AND I'll have a new box delivered every month!!

vote-for1vote-against Saw this one that's slightly cheaper ($11.30 with subscribe and save) but it's a different flavor. I've not tried either of the flavors.


@nekulturniy: Nah, look closely. That's 6 boxes of 8 pastries, so only 48 total.


I've heard getting poptarts shipped isn't the best way to buy them. Especially considering their rather fragile nature.


Giant food has them at (3) 8-count boxes for $5. Assorted flavors.


Gummy worms yesterday, pop. Tarts today......damn, I'll be fatter by the end of next week!!


These are tasty, but awful for you. I stick with the nutrigrain for my no time for a proper meal breakfast. Serving size is more reasonable, and while it is not fantastic nutritionally it at least comes closer.


Hell yeah! Prime Eligible! I'll have my sugar shipped 2 day for free please, thanks.


@itsvicdaslick: Take a look at this image from the Amazon Milkshake Pop-tarts page:

Lower right hand corner... "8 Toaster Pastries" in the box. Versus the one in the deal that has 12 per box, though "8 Vitamins."