dealsmicrosoft xbox live 12 month gold starter pack…


This is honestly a good deal for what's included, but I don't know that it's something I would ever splurge for. One can often get 1 year of Live for $35-$40. The headset does its job, but it's notably cheap and low quality. The chat pad is infinitely more efficient than a controller for communication, but Xbox Smartglass (free smartphone app) and the ability to plug in a USB keyboard one might have lying around are two great options.

In sum, I am a cheap douche.


If you were to get a deal on the Live alone it would be $39.99 plus your adding a $10+ headset and a $25+ keyboard. This is a good deal indefinitely.


This is not a good deal. Best Buy has their gamer Magazine that has a $20 in store coupon in it and they sell it for $75 ($75 -$20= $55). If you really want it go to Best Buy. It is still not a good deal because the headset is crap. You can get the pack for headset and keypad for $30 at best buy alone. the 400 MS points ($5 value) not a big deal. You can easily get 12month gold card for $35. ($30 + $5 + $35= $70) The only thing worth getting is the keypad. Drop the price to $45 and I will pick it up and throw away the headset.


This is definitely a good deal indefinitely... until it ends.

But in all reality, not really a great deal. I was fortunate enough to find this same package at my local Goodwill for $15... now that's a good deal!


In case anyone is wondering whether this is a good deal or not, here are the prices for the items listed individually:

- Xbox Live Gold 12 Month. MSRP: $59.99 Amazon Price: 45.46
- Xbox 360 Headset. MSRP: $19.99. Amazon Price: $16.27
- Xbox 360 Chatpad. MSRP: $29.99. Amazon Price: $27.50
- Microsoft Points 400. MSRP: $4.99. Amazon Price: $4.99


Meh, I game for free on the PSN network. So any price is a bad price in my eyes.


@xtreemsaver: Some of us prefer a higher quality gaming experience and are willing to pay for such a content-rich and intuitive service.

As such your comments are completely irrelevant -- just because you have no use for something doesn't make it a bad deal. I'm sure you won't find any oil change coupons helpful if all you drive around is a bicycle... however others certainly will.


Well, first off this is the comment section, so in my opinion any comment that anyone has to say about any deal listed is very relevant. Otherwise, don’t read the comments. Second, you said,” If I have no use for something it doesn’t make it a bad deal”. In my opinion, it does. I don’t think you should buy a 200$ game system, A 60$ game, then pay a monthly or annual fee to play that game online. Therefore; bad deal. So comment relevant Mr. jyoz22!!


Jyoz22. you need to do better research. Your price adding sucks. Let me break it down for you.

Headset & Touchpad combo: $30 at Best Buy every day
12month Gold Membership: $35 when most websites have it on sale. including Amazon, Newegg, and Best Buy. At least one website a month has it for this price. and you can ususally find it on deals.woot
400 Microsoft point: $5

Regular price should be $60 for this package not $75.

Again if you want a deal go to Best Buy and get the $20 in store coupon out of their magazine.
$75 - $20= $55
You can save $5 and not have to wait on it coming in the mail if you really want this deal.


@paulkc: The regular price for this item MSRPs at 74.99 not $60 as you stated. The new package for this item clearly says "$74.99" on the package. See:

Also I simply posted the MSRPs of each item contained in the combo product along with the current Amazon Price. I am well aware that there are random sales where you can purchase Live for $34.99 or so. However, for current comparison purposes I posted the current Amazon Price (at the time of posting).

P.S.: I never added up the prices. I am well aware that the in doing so you the sum would be somewhere in the $90 mark and around $110 for the MSRP total. There is no reason for me add the prices together if the combo package itself retails for $74.99. Lower than the sum of all items put together.


@xtreemsaver: I meant the "game for free on PSN" part is irrelevant to those seeking comments or information on this product. You don't really help contribute to the convo.

Others like @paulkc contribute to the convo in that they are offering alternative ways of purchasing this product for a lower price, and giving his input on this product at this specific price.