dealst-mobile holding two day samsung sale on november…


@jamesacichon: right. because T-mo doesn't have LTE. And they won't until the S4 at least, or whatever it'll be. All I know is I ordered the Nexus 4 to work on my T-mo network, and I'll be completely happy with that


@jamesacichon reading the article you sent, it makes more sense to me what Sansung said about the chipset than what the T-Mobile spokesperson conjured about the frequencies.

I did a speed test with my OLD T-Mobile G2 running HSPA (4G) against an iPAD 3 running AT&T 4G LTE and the speed difference was not very much when pointing to some test points. What makes me think that the problem is not so much the speed over the air at a given moment, but the broadband links that T-Mobile has to certain places compared to AT&T. Despite this, I am reluctant to move to AT&T because of past invoicing abuses and problems with AT&T.


Ad states "with a new two-year agreement". I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for 10+ years and they've been doing this crap for the last 5 or so. They have rebates and deals but they are only available to new customers and not honored if I extend my contract.