dealsunder bed space-saving solution for shoes for $7…


Target has it for $9.99. However, according to the reviews.. it's TOTAL JUNK.
"If I could give this product no stars in this review I would. The first time I tried to zip this up and put it under the bed the zipper broke, and now it won't zip at all. The product is not truly woven fabric, but a synthetic weave akin to the covering you would find on an airplane pillow. There is no support to hold it in shape, so forget trying to lift it up off the floor without everything getting all jumbled up. The cardboard dividers are not sturdy and do not attach to the bottom. If you wear shoes over a size 9 and want to put high heels in here, forget it. Large men's shoes wouldn't fit at all. All in all, don't waste your time purchasing this piece of junk."