dealstouch screen metal stylus pen for ipad, iphone…


Great deal! My company imports these at 6 cents a pop (1.3 million at a time), but usually still charge a little over a buck even at the lowest price.


@ajdhausen: I just got 2 green ones, so you sir are wrong (at this time)


Word of caution: I was going to pay with Google Wallet and it only gave me options for $2.00 shipping instead of free shipping (that would have broken the bank!).

Was able to get the free shipping with PayPal, though.


Just ordered 2 green ones as well. 2 dollar total.


I just picked up 2 purple ones..


Just ordered 2 silver and 2 green with free shipping. Thanks for posting this.


Aw, I would have definitely bought some if I hadn't just bought some from woot a while back. I've already got too many, lol!


Umm yeah, you can get 6 - 10 packs for way lower. Link below is just an example of a simple eBay search.

Also these are more than likely the shorter stylus. Not the full length Bamboo/Targus/etc ones. Site doesnt specify the length.


I've ordered these before, and these are full-size styluses (styli?). They're also quite good. I ordered five of them and none were defective. I've said this in previous comments on this offer as well, this company has incredible customer service. They respond quickly to customer inquiries and they go out of their way to make you happy... I ordered, they shipped and the shipment was lost. I telephoned them, and with no questions asked, no balking, no shifting blame, they resent my order.