dealsthe mountain three wolf moon short sleeve tee for…


This shirt is glorious. I own one and let me tell you my life is not what it used to be.

When you wear a shirt like this you don't just wear bask in a glory that used to be exclusive to gods.

Ever since I bought this shirt I have been in more women than women have been inside Victoria's Secret.

On the con side of this effect....after a couple of months with this bad boy I contracted AIDS due to my relentless love making.

But after careful thought of the Three Wolves T-shirt I've come to the decision that it was the only thing I truly owned.

30 days after my visit with the doctor(and the whole time wearing the shirt) I went back to the doctor to see how my AIDS were.

Safe to say I no longer have AIDS and they are using my blood samples to patent a cure.

This shirt is truly a force to be reckoned with and I advise to all of you who are looking for a miracle.


This T shirt was made the official state T shirt for New Hampshire (it's made in NH). Because of the funny reviews on Amazon, it has become a cult hit. I'd like to get one, but what happens to women when they wear it?


I'm getting my girlfriend 6 of these. She LOVES them.


this t-shirt gets me laid EVERY NIGHT by different ladies. buy 7!


I just got a full set for every member of my family.


My power will increase three-hundred fold (One for every wolf on the shirt) by adding this shirt to my already vast armory of wolf shirts. Hopefully someone will post a tribal dream catcher or spirit totem as well.


now there are three in my wolf pack


I have always wanted a three wolf shirt, but I am afraid that I can't handle it. I have never even owned a one wolf shirt. Should I start slowly and work my way up to three wolves?


They sell these at every walmart for $8.


As a person that used to sell these shirts, I'll tell you that this is a stellar deal. Unless you were buying in major bulk the wholesale cost for these was $9.50 They are good heavy shirts made with all natural dyes. They fade pretty noticably, but its been a decent enough fade that I don't mind still wearing them with my jeans.


kohls has the three wolf moon tee for $9.99 :o) shipping is around $6, but if you spend $50 or more to get free shipping with this code, HOME50FREE and you can also use this code for 10% off, NEW6437

they're also doing kohl's cash right now, so you get a $10 coupon for every $50 you spend. here's a link to the shirt:


@mtrlgrl: Well, if you look at the pictures on the site, it appears women either turn blue or get bigger boobs. Maybe that's just how men see them (through a viagra lens or a fantasy one).

Anyway, I own several The Mountain t-shirts and they are very well made. Some of them are around 10 years old and showing no signs of significant fading or wear.


I have this shirt and let me tell you, it is not only fashionable, but highly versitile. I can dress it up with some spandex and hells, or go casual with my camo pants and crocs. This shirt can take you from state fair to state dinner, I suggest buying more than one because your friends are going to beg you to borrow it.


Is there any kind of test I need to pass before I can own one of these?