dealsadobe student and teacher edition software on…


@juandiddley: Well, so far they haven't refunded me, and I put in my order at around 12:30 AM, this morning. So possibly, I'll still get the deal.


As of 3:16 MST, the chat rep at Adobe said it was a screw up and nobody got the deal. I'd be interested to know if anyone actually got the killer prices advertised. Once again, if it sounds too good to be probably is.


My chat guy today said prior orders are not being honored.
Can anyone confirm software validation?

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Yea it's a dead deal, from Adobe chat:

due to a technical error an incorrect messaging of promotion on education store got posted online and we are currently in the process of removing this messaging shortly, due to which the promo code will not be applicable on any of the Educational product purchase.
Valentino: You can continue to place the order for education version software which is already discounted up to upto 80% as compared to regular version software.
Valentino: The regular discounted price will continue to apply, I recommend you to go ahead and complete the purchase.


I just got off the phone with a sales associate, because I couldn't get the code to work on the website, and he advised that it was marketing mistake, that they would honor if you ordered before the mistake was corrected. I missed my chance.


Promotion code not valid, even if I paste or type


Keeps telling me "Promotion code not valid" when I hit apply. This happens if i type it in or paste it in the box.


Works! Got the Creative Suite Standard Student and Teacher edition for $64.70! Awesome deal!


I once bought MS Office at a student rate (like, $40 for the professional pkg). This is a great deal!


@hjyoung231: It seems that on Firefox (at least) that you can't copy paste it. It worked perfectly once I typed it in manually and added it.

@kawatan: Once the code is entered manually the price in the cart gets updated to the correct pricing. Is that what you mean by confirmation?

I'm not seeing the .edu email address requirement anywhere. If it exists, there's got to be a loophole since high schoolers (and home schoolers) can get the special pricing and rarely ever have .edu addresses.


@dertintenfisch: I actually found this to be incredibly useful, and I already own Design Premium... It shows what is in each version side-by-side so you can pick the version that suits you best.


If anyone is having trouble with the promo code, you need to add the product as a Student/Teacher edition. On the page of the product you want you'll notice a little drop-down menu under the add to cart button, select it as Student edition and update your cart, and you should be golden.


@coolphilip04: Is there a way to verify before putting in credit card information?


Wouldn't let me paste the code in, had to type it. It's working though.

As a TV/Video Production student, I can't tell you how awesome it is to get Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects for under $100.


Its not letting me add the promo code for the C5??


So as someone who wants to edit photos and do videos, would it be best to get the Master suite? Or will I have to get CS5 for photos, then buy Production separately?


So far it works, but even getting the verification page loaded took at least five minutes. And verification itself, even with the quicker option, may be almost two days.

But I don't need the software immediately anyway. And CS5 for $40? Awesome deal.


Thank you so much! Great price!


Gotta have .edu email address and submit another form of verification as well:

Student ID with year on it
Tuition bill with date on it
Transcript with current enrollment.


Just placed an order for the Production Suite. Came up to $96 after tax.

GREAT deal. Wow. Thanks!


I hope it's right! I'm thinking they are coming out with a new version or something.


This....can't be right, can it? Holy frijoles.