dealsvivarin alert: free samples


You beat me to the post, but I have to include my college Vivarin story, anyway. My roommate went on a Vivarin binge to stay awake to study during finals one semester. She was so exhausted she fell asleep anyway, but twitched constantly throughout the night. And I don't mean LITTLE twitches! She seemed to be running in her sleep like a dog!

Too bad this was pre-camera phone days.


ever since Zac had to help save Jessie when she became an addict to caffeine pills, I have stayed away from them! Thanks NBC, now I know!


Any sort of free caffeine is greatly appreciated in my house.


Thought this said "Virgin Alert: Free Samples" and did a doubletake.

My college story: I popped like eight of them once just for kicks, and I swear I was VIBRATING for about 7 hours. Arms and legs. It was the most unpleasant experience I've ever had.


I knew guys who'd double brew their coffee--brew once, take the coffee, put it back in the water reservoir and brew it through a fresh set of grounds--with Vivarin in the grounds each time.

Funny, they were all CS majors.


@ladygzb: Ugh! Disgusting! "Double brewing" like that burns the old coffee and may damage the coffeemaker itself. They were better off just adding extra ground coffee into the basin in the first place.

Or getting an espresso machine and pumping through the same volume of espresso to coffee.

Then adding the Vivarin.

Then adding the MOAR Vivarin.

Then chasing it down with Monster.

Then popping No-Doz.

Then making preemptive arrangements with a nearby funeral home. [Hyperbole!]


@ladygzb: As was said, that can burn the coffee and leave it tasting terrible as opposed to just potent.

As for myself, I worked for a year doing extended late shifts during college and I would take to pouring Dr. Pepper through coffee grounds for that extra kick I needed on certain nights.


Vivarin helped me drive across Nebraska... the long way.
Love the stuff.