dealsxhd full hd 1080p digital media player for $29.99


Hmmm... Anyone know how these are?

$99.99 (with free Prime shipping) from the mothership but there are NO reviews.

Looks interesting.


hmmm. wait. can't you just use the hdmi port on your laptop and pretty much do the same thing? i don't get it. what's the value add here?


@tewkewl: I suppose it's for people without an HDMI out on their laptop, or people without a laptop at all.


This looks like a review

I'm tempted at that price, although I wonder if I'd find the roku 2XS box worth the extra cost.



Thanks for finding a review. It certainly claims to support a good bunch of formats, though the review doesn't say much of anything about how well the support works (probably a good thing, as they likely would have mentioned a (partial) fail).


Yep. Or a desktop with an HDMI or DVI port and the right cable (which is what I do for my main, and currently only, TV).

I was thinking about this for elsewhere, away from my various PCs.


@philey: I like the Roku 2 XD so much, I have bought 3 of for each TV. If it's a choice between the two, personally I would opt for the Roku. And I was skeptical from the beginning.


wht is the point of this pos? You are stuck plugging in your sd or usb into it. I have the WD media player with wireless capability. I love how it can stream movies from computer downstairs and is very TPB friendly as it plays any format i throw at it. Stream netflix, youtube, pandora etc. hell it has 2 usb ports on it so it can do what this does and they are like 70-80 bucks now. i say forget this and just hook up your laptop to the tv and use a wireless mouse/keyboard. i wouldn't get this thing even if it were free.

i recommend this if you do not want to bother hooking up the laptop

its wireless keyboard friendly


I have two WD Live streaming media players. Problem though is that the interface is a little slow. The online media is even more so, especially that for Hulu +. Also some buffering issues for crunchyroll. Probably a flingo issue on the box.
With all the problems mentioned, I love my WD media players. Though, I even more so appreciate the boxee over them. boxee costs more, however


Don't hate on devices you don't know anything about. This media player is for somebody on a budget or really cheap. Sometimes laptops don't display the video correctly on a TV and you need hardware to make it work. This is essentially a smaller roku without streaming capability.

In my case, I have a Roku XS and this is perfect for me. Since the Roku can't play tons of video formats, this media player fills the gaps. Also, get this if you download everything off the net and want to watch on your tv.


This is perfect for a teacher that wants to use the outdated media equipment available at school without having to burn to dvd. It also could work to make a movie night happen at grandma's house, when she still has an old tube tv with just rca capability; or to take vid downloads to a friend's house that doesn't have fast internet. Yes, believe it or not, some people still use dialup or go without net access at all. Such poverty exists even today in America.


As the adage goes, you get what you pay for. The price is sweet, but ask yourself why. This is probably an older end of life model, very bare bones with a limited CPU , meaning it may have trouble keeping up with high bitrate HD. There is no LAN port nor mention of a wifi dongle, so looks like you'd be stuck playing media locally (connected to the box).

I note that it doesn't support ISO files, or srt subs, and for the files it does support, there is no mention of maximum bitrate or other technical details regarding a/v & hdmi capabilities, which is nice to know up front if you don't want to end up disappointed. And where is the company - will you get support, or an updated firmware? I'd want to know all this, before buying...and especially when I can't return it to the place I bought it from. Do your homework first, and don't skimp if it won't provide what you want, otherwise you just wasted your money.

Something 'cheap' for the kids to use, maybe, or to play around with? I dunno.


Some are asking why should you get this? For one, I would never get this, but I would give this, or something similar to my mother are an older person. All you have to do is show them how to press the aux button on the remote. Know one uses dvds and cds anymore. I have something very similar that I carry when I go out of town that plays content off a flash drive. Soooo easy in motels. I can sling about 10 or 15 movies on a flash drive and worry about nothing. Just depend on how you use it. Now what matters is does it work fairly well.


I haven't been able to find any results, but I'm betting this must be running Linux. I don't have the money to devote to it, but I'd love to get one of these and hack around with it.


This does seem to have an application for a specific purpose, such as a highly portable one trick pony for presentations (as in the teacher example above). For home use, I also agree with the user(s) above that recommend a Roku with the PLEX channel added to allow media files to be streamed directly from your PC. This application uses your own computer as a media server. It's not a very intuitive program but saves the steps of putting the media on a portable device. Still, this unit is one third the price of a new Roku and seems reasonable for the user with this one need to satisfy.


I would use this for travel. I like to take a 2.5" harddrive full of movies with me on the road. Most of the time, the hotel Televisions will accept the HDD just through the USB port without issue. However, some of the cheaper or more secure ones will not. That is where this device would come in. A simple HDMI cord and this box and you've got fully functioning media server in a hotel, without using your laptop. I'll consider the purchase.


I would buy this if it was on Woot. I don't know this other site. Nor do I have several $5 codes from them like I do from Woot (thanks, Jumbowoot!).

(Read: hey Woot, snag a bunch of these and put them on Woot plus or something.)


Saw this device and thought it would be a great way to replace the portable DVD player I use in our family van. I've got an AC/DC converter already so that should take care of the power source. If it works, I won't have to spend endless hours burning DVD's and carrying a bunch of DVD's. At worst, I can use it at home where some of our TV's don't have a USB port. For the price of three martinis, not a bad way to spend $.


@eml73: This deal has been dead for two months. Thanks, though.