dealsvictorinox 6 piece black steak knife set for $30…


Crappy site! you can't even look without "signing up"
No thanks!!


@jjeff: It's flash sale, as stated in the description. Just use a shopping email address and sign up, it's totally legit. Don't worry. I've been using them for years.


Thanks for the follow up, it's just that I really don't like sites that won't even let you look without giving information. I suppose I should just do as you said, get a "shopping" email that I wouldn't care about giving out.
I have several Victorinox knives which have served me well for years, great day in and day out knives.


If you use a browser that has an add-on like Ad-Block Plus, you can just block that "Join Now" pop-up and view the web site like any other. If you decide you want to buy something, you can still get to the "Join Now" button at the top of the web page.