dealscostume quest digital download for $2.99 + freeā€¦


This was very charming game. It was a lot of fun and for 3 dollars well worth the 8 or 10 hours of enjoyment you'll get out of the game. Also, if you buy this maybe we'll see Psychonauts 2 in the near future.


I completely forgot to post this a few days ago.. thanks for picking up my slack.

Yeah, great game at full price. Pseudo RPG combat mixed with overhead shenanigans and Kid-Chameleon-esque gameplay


This is a really fun & cute little RPG, and for the price, you really can't go wrong. It takes the job system from games like Final Fantasy 5, with the action-based RPG system from games like Paper Mario.


I can't level enough praise on this game. I downloaded it free as a PSN+ member, and really wasn't expecting much. What I found was a cute, simple RPG that put entertainment, humor, and style first. It wasn't an extrememly long game, but it hooked me for a solid 5-10 hours and convinced me to download the add-on content pretty quick