dealsleft behind kindle book for $0.00


Thanks for the find, always wanted to see what all the hoopla was about.


I read the book a while back, when the series was big. While it's an interesting story, I didn't think it was terribly well written. Never read any of the others in the series. But I have a lot of friends who really enjoyed them.


Anyone else notice that the Kindle daily deal is more-often-than-not somehow a book featuring Christian religious messages or themes?

It makes me wonder about Amazon's mechanism for selecting them... does this mean those books have poor sales perhaps and need a jump in popularity? Does it instead perhaps mean Amazon wants to proselytize? More theories welcomed, and actual insight appreciated.


@psaux: Not sure about all that, however I did hear angels sing when I ate the ravioli my sister made from the Italian cookbook that was 99 cents a couple weeks ago.


Am I the only one who saw this and immediately thought of the "left below" Simpsons episode?


Left Behind was "interesting"...but even from a Christian perspective, it's just one take on how things could happen.

I was too young to really judge the quality of the writing, but I do know I read about 3, then got bored.


It is a good concept, even if you are not religious (like me), BUT… it really is poorly written. (Which means I ashamedly have to admit I read the first two books.)


@psaux: A random guess but it might have something to do with sponsors or publishers who wish to promote more than others?

personally never read any of them mostly because no Kirk Cameron in the novel version lol jk. I did watch one of the movies and even that was pretty bad...regardless of the fictional account of a fictional subject matter it is based upon and such ;). Alternatively, I enjoyed the Book of Eli movie.


thanks, it's worth a shot.

picked up 13 other free e-books too..should keep me busy for a while


No discussion of the Left Behind series would be complete without a pointer to Fred Clark's superb analysis of the books. He's been doing it since 2003, so there's quite a lot of posts about it on his Slacktivist blog. Here's a category link:

Here's a link to a listing of his first 50 posts on the first book:

If you're curious about the series, I'd take a look. I think his analysis is spot-on!


Always amusing to see how much hateful down votes anything even remotely religious gets. I'm a Christian and I believe the whole Rapture idea is nonsense, it was an interpretation of scripture by an Irish clergyman named John Nelson Darby.

Why it ever caught on it beyond me, regardless the book is free and some may find it entertaining. But as usual, people being ass clowns with the votes.


^The above comment posted three minutes ago... and this deal has a net positive 51 votes.

Amusing, the Christian that cries oppression, despite the empirical evidence to the contrary.


@gt0163c: I have read the whole series and I agree. It was not very well written. The first 2-3 were pretty good. But it went down hill after that. They turned it in to a dramatized audio version that was really good.


@xenite227: It's always amusing to see Christians that can see the silliness of some parts of the book or some of the interpretations but still think the rest of it is actually true/real. The whole thing has been reinterpreted, rewritten and filtered and changed who knows how many times since it was first put together.

Beyond that, much of the stories and myth was straight copied from even more ancient religions making much of what makes Christianity a religion a hodgepodge of random stories and artifacts that aren't even original or unique.

Most Christians refuse to even hear that, or do any kind of research themselves for fear of getting put on the naughty list and going to hell forever. Anything to keep, I mean, jesus happy.

But don't feel persecuted or singled out...I am just as shocked when I hear of teenage kids that still believe in santa clause as a magical figure.


A "Left Behind" book for $0? What do you know? You do get what you pay for.