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I love free cookbooks. I got this one, looked through it and suddenly in the Kimchi Fried Rice recipe I found a curious ingredient. I'm tempted to write "Upvote when you see it" but passing a laugh is good enough.

Kimchi Fried Rice

8 oz overnight rice
2 eggs
2oz kimchi
1 oz porn string
1 oz green onions, chopped


Right now, this is free only for Prime members, under Amazon's Prime membership.


This does not appear to be a free book. It is among the books that are available to borrow for free through Amazon's Kindle loaning program. Prime members can borrow up to one book a month for free, with no due dates. In order to borrow another book, this one will have to be returned (taken off your Kindle). Still, a good deal, and it should give you enough time to decide which recipes you like.