dealsset of 2 modern airlift bar stools for $48.99…


Alright! I have always wanted a tall chair with no back support!


@silentlegend: Are you not familiar with bar stools?


This is a very good deal. Most of the time these will set you back at least $50 (2) online then the retailer will tack on $25 for shipping. If you buy these at furniture stores in town they will set you back at least $50 per stool.


I've got a set of these in red and like them a lot. They support weight of at least 250lbs. This is a great buy, because I think I paid $90 for my set.


Does anyone know when this deal expires? I went to the site and the only discount that was offered was the $10 off for using a Visa VMe account. Please advise if anyone knows, because it has only been a few days since the original posting. Thank you very much for any assistance.


@viketx: do you know if this deal is still good? Today is Oct 16th. Thanks for your assistance.


as of 10/18, the AUTUMN10 code works to give you $10 off, but I did not get a discount using V.ME (even though I newly registered for it).

So... barstool is now $62.99 + free shipping only if you order 1 qty (2 barstools)... only $10 off per order (not per item).

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