dealsgeorge foreman electric grill, 36" for $18.88…


This model has non-detachable grill plates, which makes it a total pain in the ass to clean (water + electrical components = bad). If you're going to get a George Foreman, do yourself a favor and get the one with detachable plates.


@rayray8822: I have one and it can definitely be a pain, but if you wipe it down while it's still hot, theres little to no problem. I usually use a couple of paper towels or sponge and wipe down into the tray so it doesn't become stubborn later, then a little soap and water when it cools...for a cheaper model, I don't think it's that big of a disadvantage. Great for a college kid in an apartment.


$20 more for a model where you can just pop the plates out and drop them in the dishwasher with the dirty dishes, as compared to spending 20-30 minutes scrubbing this thing EVERY time you use it, TRYING to get it clean, unable to soak it due to the electronic parts aside from the wet paper towel trick.. which does almost nothing for the TOP plate.

Also, this is TINY. 36 square inches is either 6"x6", 9"x4", or somewhere in between. Only way this could be 'two servings' is if they're sliders. Or MAYBE hot dogs.

Started out with one of these. Upgraded to a removable-plate model within a month, because these are such a complete pain in the ass to clean (not just 'wipe down', but get ALL the burnt food off).


I have had one of these and it shorted out after a good three+ years of use. As has been said wipe the grease off with a paper towel or a wet sponge when it's still hot and it's super easy to clean. I don't know if they still come with those little plastic scrapers designed to work with the "grill" grooves but I still have mine... This is a no-brainer.


I have one, and it takes NO time at all to clean without the removable plates. I carefully spray it with warm water, then give it a once over with a sponge. If it takes you that long to clean, you aren't cleaning it often enough! I have had mine for a few years, and I love it. Just upgraded to a bigger one, so I could cook more full sized steaks.