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okay, I'm a huge TRON fan and gamer. the game has excellent backstory to explain some things in Legacy, and the graphics are outstanding. but the controls are horrible. it's kind of a short game, but the controls make it a bit longer. there are constant checkpoints though, which is good cause you will die over and over until you get lucky with some moves. the online multiplayer lightcycle races are fun though. and they offer the 1983 grid to race on as well.


I agree, the controls are horrible, which doesn't help when you have to run, scale & jump off walls. My friend and I decided to split this game during a Black Friday deal; he played it for 10 minutes, I lasted 15. Then I sold the game on ebay and managed to make $2. The graphics are cool, but the fighting is just button mashing.


This game sadly caused many disney interactive employees their jobs thanks to its huge failure... =\

Source: 5 friends fired immediately


if you produce a sub-par game, you're gonna have a bad time.


How are the controls awful in this game? I got a platinum in this game. That means I played it multiple times, online, and on the hardest difficulty you can unlock. Never once did the controls feel like a inconvenience in the game. For the most part they worked perfectly fine. As for the button mashing comment, you didn't even play the game, this game has plenty of new attack sequences to unlock. If you don't learn them either, you'll get your * handed to you in the later portions of the game. This sounds more like a case of people who were expecting a easy casual adventure rather than a game that actually takes a bit of skill to complete. If you actually took the time to use the various combos and attacks in this game, you'd quite enjoy what you were playing. I for one am very glad the developers actually bothered to make this game challenging because too many games these days are far too simple to complete. I'm not calling this game perfect, but it quite fun to play.


I found the camera angles annoying. Combat seemed to be just a matter of using the right combos/disc. Other than the controls & camera angles, I didn't find the game that challenging. With my limited play time I was able to advance relatively quickly. Reviewers have commented that they finished the game in less than 7 hours. I can't comment on the online play though.