dealsharbor freight printable coupons - 20%...10%...5%


You've got to cut-and-paste the link to make it work. Clicking on "I want one" or the link in the description fails.


Used the 20% off Any One Item at our local HomeDepot just 3 days ago. Best coupon match ever. Just got everything checked out, said I had a competitor coupon, they looked at it, and boom - saved 20%.



coupon used to be good when they let you use it on anything now you cant even use it on compressors


I can't get the link to work (tried copy & pasting too), but I found their 20% off coupon here...


Both the original and joymonkey's URL worked for me when I cut and pasted them. Clicking didn't work on either. joymonkey's URL leads to the relatively common 20% off of any single item (with many exclusions). The main coupon in the deal is for 20% off of a combined order over $100, (with the same list of excluded products).

joymonkey's URL is intended for anyone.

Not that it makes any difference, the link in the main post has a customer number in it, and it says it isn't transferable. I've heard that Harbor Freight usually honors those coupons, but they don't really have to.