dealscenton datastick 128gb usb flash drive for $69.99…


Do NOT buy this. Centon is notorious for having write protect issues on their drives, basically rendering them useless. Read the tons of reviews from Amazon if you don't believe me:


I will also remind everyone of the negative reviews Centon SD cards get every time they pop up on Woot.


@derk: I do not have any experience with Centon so I appreciate the warning. Thanks. It is interesting that the reviews are basically split 50/50 with half the reviewers scoring 5 stars and the other half 1 star. Might be a case of you get one that works well OR one that doesn't. Buyer beware.


I bought one of their 64's awhile ago, and bought a spare recently when it came up again. I've had good luck with it and I use it to death. (wonder i don't wear out the write leveling...) BUT then I had a failure recently. It went glitchy and I had to reformat it and restore all my tools. (it's backed up since its a portable and could get lost) Then a week later it glitched again and I wasn't able to format it. I gave them a call to set up an rma (these Sport series have a limited warranty, not the lifetime that their pro line do) But their RMA system was in the middle of an upgrade so they couldn't set it up.

I was just using my spare then. That's why I got it. So a few weeks later I called again, got a hassle-free rma set up, shipped it in, and IMMEDIATELY they shipped me a replacement. So I suppose I will still give them five stars, you can't make a perfect product, but the one time I've needed their service it was good. I'd get this 128 if I needed more than my 64.


I purchased 2 64GB Centon USB flash drives on Woot thinking I was getting a deal. They are both TOTAL junk! I would tell people to AVOID this brand regardless of how good the price looks because it's not worth it!


@windbite: can you be a LITTLE more specific than "they are junk"?