dealsmonoprice backlit macro mechanical gaming…


Thanks for posting. I love Cherry switch based keyboards & this is a great price for backlit keys & macro capability.

One correction-- it appears to have the Cherry MX Red switches (not the Black). They have another keyboard (without the backlit keys) that use the Cherry Black switches. The Red's are the ones with the quieter, more sensitive switches that, from my experience, support higher typing speeds.


@waltc: You're totally right about the switch type. It's too late to go back and edit my original post, so hopefully people will read your helpful comment.


@waltc: Most people prefer blues/browns for purely typing. Reds are best known for FPS games. I have the corsair k90 (which has reds) and love it.

Any mechanical keyboard is better than no mechanical keyboard.


I upgraded to the Rosewill keyboard with the MX Reds a month or two ago, and every time I sit down to type it just feels like a joy. A little bit of me dies every time I use my work computer, and I'm planning on picking up a keyboard with MX Blues sometime soon (possibly with the o-ring mod to make it slightly less loud).