dealsthe concealor boonie hat with rugged concealable…


Reminder,Tanga can take up to two weeks just to ship an item and almost non-existent customer service.


a word or two about size would be helpful


@jinamai: Well, I'M a bit retro, so that works.

Sorry there is no size info. I just posted the info they had available. Frankly, DH has such a big head that I would never even try to buy something like this for him (it's a family trait among my in-laws, but it doesn't assure big BRAINS).


@jmbunkin: You must have REALLY had a bad experience with this site. You seem to be posting the exact same comment on every deal I post from there. As I've noted before, I have never had a problem with Tanga's delivery time that I recall, although even my favorite sites have run into glitches from time to time. Did you have slow delivery on multiple orders from Tanga? I would really like to know.

BTW, in the last couple of months I've ordered three or four items from 1SaleADay and the last three items have all arrived promptly, but I am still waiting for the first item I ordered. Very strange, very annoying, but not typical for them.