dealships & curves - $20 off $80


Special thanks to @thumperchick for finding this deal.
Please accept our apologies for deleting your previous posts of this deal.

This appears to be a legitimate retailer for this category and should not have been removed.

All told.


@jumbowoot. I know you're trying to make this right, but..... It's just very sad. Deleted the 1st time in error. Then deleted in error again after you asked her to repost it.

Will @thumperchick get credit for this listing? If so, I'll upvote it.


Well, at least the deal got posted. Thanks @jumbowoot. Do you know why it was removed in the first place?


@thumperchick: It doesn't really matter why it was removed meaning that there was no reason for it to be removed. It was a mistake and shouldn't have happened.