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Made popular 4 hours ago and the price is now $446.24. I hate Sears on woot.


Sears is rapidly outsourcing all production of their Craftsman tools to China; you might as well just go buy the same collection at Harbor Freight for less. If you really want an in-store guarantee you could also go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get Chinese made tools there with forever guarantees.


@lparsons42: "you might as well just go buy the same collection at Harbor Freight for less. If you really want an in-store guarantee... "

Harbor Freight has lifetime guarantees on their hand tools (sets like this would qualify).


I had no idea Harbor Freight has a lifetime warranty on hand-tools... good to know! Thanks.


Many of Craftsman tools have been made in China for as long as i can remember (i'm 31). The difference between a Craftsman tool and a Harbor Freight tool (I own both) is that the HF tool will break and get covered by warranty. The Craftsman tool usually lives forever short of abuse, even the ones made in China. When I need a tool I dont use often I buy HF, but the day to day stuff is all Craftsman


@kurbycar32: My experience has been the complete opposite. My craftsman socket wrenches have a variety of problems: The 3/8" drive switches directions by looking at it the wrong way (not fun when you're using 3 extensions getting to a blind bolt above a bellhousing). The 1/2" drive takes 10 lb-ft of torque to actually turn in the ratcheting direction (infuriating that you have to swap wrenches and use adapters to loosen something the rest of the way).

The 6 point sockets have split, the chrome coating has peeled off, the extensions have lost the ball bearing that keeps sockets on -- all with never abusing the tools or using incorrectly. I bought a cheapo set of HF sockets to use while at my old apartment and they never have these issues. The days of craftsman tools lasting forever were days of our parent's generation.

Would never start a serious collection of tools with Craftsman, it's not worth the headache.


Just like most manufacturers, there are different level quality of products and the price is generally comensurate with that quality. I've only had to return 1 craftsman ratchet and it was a hand me down from way back. I assume you can get bad tools in a batch anywhere, but the price of craftsman vs any other "mid-upper range" tool is pretty fair especially with sale prices @ <40%