dealsrogue rm-100a a-style mandolin for $42.49 + free…


I had one of these years ago--built much more solidly than a toy, but not a very comfortable instrument to play even after setting it up.

-$7.50, but I'm pretty sure those mandos only went up to the $50 mark within the past few months. They were only $40 for years, which makes this deal less exciting to me. Raise the price in the fall, put them on sale for the holidays, create a lot of hype.

I think rogue usually qualifies for their coupons, so if you can hunt one down that applies to an item this cheap, you could improve the deal a little.


I have a Rogue electric bass, their stuff seems pretty good for the money.
Mandolins are badass.


Bought one of these last year. The action was so high that it was unplayable. I had to remove and sand down the nut.


I bought one last spring. Mine plays well all the way up the fretboard. I have been impressed with the quality for how little I paid for it.