dealshp - photosmart plus wireless e-all-in-one…


I have one and will NEVER buy another HP printer again - ever.
These printers are such sh*t its not even funny. They SUCK ink when you're not using it. The cartridges are expensive. The printer jams, and when it does, its a pain to clear. The quality is below par for today's standards. They go out of their way to prevent you from using ink refills - naturally, because they are designed for maximum profit for HP - you can see how they cut corners so you get screwed into buying more ink, which is where their profit comes from.


I don't know of a consumer inkjet that doesn't have the same problems you describe, from any manufacturer.

Some people are well-served by an inkjet printer, and this isn't a bad setup for some of those people. Personally I have an HP laserjet from the 1990s with a wireless print server attached to it and it still does >>90% of my printing at home with no problems. If it ever dies I'll probably replace it with one of the cheap consumer color laserjets that are out now.