dealscoboc 3 ft. high speed hdmi cable for $0.99…


I wouldn't buy these crappy cables after reading this about Monster Cables:


A 3 foot cable is shorter than you think it is. I bought a batch of them a while back, and they barely reached from the back of a device, thru the back of the entertainment center, up to the input on the tv. There was no slack to pull the device out of the stand. In most cases, I highly recommend getting a 6-foot cable instead. You'll be glad you did.


You can get the 6ft. cables for $1.49 with free shipping using promo code:EMCNJJF84


@pakmansi: Yeah, I bought these way too impulsively. I should have found the 6ft ones...


I was tempted, but instead earlier today I bought a highly rated cable for just $6 on Amazon. I'm all for saving money, but I think the extra $4.50 is well worth it to have a quality cable and a quality connection. This cable got 4 stars, but there were many complaints about quality: many people gave it 5 stars just because it was so cheap...


Just snagged two of the six footers for cheap!


Picked up 3 of the 6 footers....never know when somethings gonna blow out in the middle of a movie. These are cheap enough to have a few sitting in a drawer just in case