dealssharp 3d blu-ray player w/ wi-fi and bonus 3d blu…


This is the cheapest I've seen a 3D Blu-Ray player. This model is $25 more on Amazon. And it's new...if only I had the money for a 3D TV!


Not feeling the love on 3D, since I have limited depth perception.


6 months ago they were selling these on the floor of Costco Sony 3D for $79. I wish I had bought one then. But they really are bound to go down in cost. Within a year I believe that all TV will come Internet ready.

Just saying there is not as big a rush as you might think. Blue Ray looks goofy to me like a Soap Opera.


Decent deal for someone that needs a BD player right now and can't wait. Nowhere near as good as getting a 3D Panasonic for $40 however. (Panny units regularly can be had for $100 and come with Avatar 3D, which still goes for $60 on eBay. Plus, the Panasonic units are some of the best-rated BD players you'll come across.)

3D is still in its infancy, and is still more of a gimmick than anything else, but those that haven't gone to BD by now have truly missed out! We haven't watched a DVD in years.


Good price compared to retail but not great value. This model got pretty bad reviews. If you have Costco membership you can get equally good deals in store most of the time (plus awesome return policy). Our Costco (Seattle, WA) is selling the 2011 Panasonic DMP-BDT215 (3D + integrated wifi, plus Avatar 3D) for under $100 to make room for the 2012 DMP-BDT220. It's a better unit for a better price and even the 2012 BDT220 at $130 would be a better buy IMO (currently in store only, different locations may have different inventory).

Amazon reviews: 2.5 / 5


@spyder69. While Bluray is nice, I'm happy with my up converting Toshiba HDDVD player, sure I can't get new titles in HD but it does a much better covert on regular DVDs than my Bluray ever dreamed of, adjust a little added sharpening on the TV and you couldn't tell the difference between it and Bluray.


For those who don't know....

To take advantage of the 3D part of this player you have to have a 3D TV. Now that doesn't mean it won't work as a DVD and Bluray player


I did a cursory glance at this deal since I don't intend to buy it.

But it appears the Amazon model, while the same player, does not include the WiFi adapter (quick search shows it's ~$50 by itself), which this moofi has listed as included. Couple of the negative reviews might have docked their ratings because of the WiFi support but no adapter included complaint.

So this is about $25 less if you just are going to used this wired, roughly $75 off if you are going to use the wireless option.

I haven't bother to research the Costco version so I don't know what their package does or does not include.