dealspapa john’s pizza 30th anniversary special


Papa John, yeah ... I could shove him down.


You don't knead Papa john's pizza.


YES! My family loves Papa John's!


Like the pizza, hate his politics. The man is a complete jerk.


So what code do you apply at checkout?


@christj1: There doesn't appear to be one. You just go to the page and use the click-through link for the deal. I went in last night to pick up a pizza I got on the "free pizza with purchase of gift card" voucher and the guy in front of me had gotten this deal with no problems.


If it's not kneaded, I don't need it..


This is hardly a deal worthy of the community. The promotion is pretty standard among the big pizza guys. I wish Papa John and his shills would knead us alone.


@mckracken: It is true that Big Pizza has a lot of specials. But this is a place where one comes to post and learn about specials. Just because they occur frequently doesn't make them not a deal, since the specials change all the time. There's been plenty of times when I wanted a pizza, wasn't aware of any specials, and came here to see if anyone had posted one.


@moondrake: I stand by my previous comment. But I do love Papa's dipping sauce.