dealsblue diamond almonds, 12 oz for $3.79


This is one fantastic buy! 2 for $3.79. Spend $25 & get free shipping. Check other sale items if you don't want to buy a ton of almonds.


You can also just go into a local store if one is around.

I picked up about a dozen cans...mostly their "bold flavors"

My 6yr old likes the honey Dijon, habanero BBQ, wasabi & soy sauce, yet he does NOT like spicy food....weird.


The Habanero BBQ sounds disgusting but are VERY good. The Wasabi & Soy are my favorite. I've had several pounds this years alone.


I've wiped out 2 stores from their entire stock... at the 2nd store the manager asked me to leave some behind for other customers... These are good until may 2015 and my dad loves them... plus, the plain ones are good for cholesterol... Thanks for whoever put this deal up!