dealssteam holiday sale- day 10


Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 for $7.49? Yes please!


I still don't understand why the regular price for Revelations is still $29.99. AC III came out 2 months ago. Brotherhood had dropped to $19.99 by that time after Revelations came out. :|


Is AC2 and Brotherhood worth picking up? Might be getting those along with Saints Row 3 and have enough gaming to last me until the end of time.

Also, any thoughts on Prototype? I didn't even know they had put it out on PC.


The AC series are all well worth playing, especially if you like open world stealth games


Beware Prototype 2 is plagued for AMD card and some nvidia cards.
Will freeze nearly every 5-20 minutes, making it nearly unplayable.


I'm probably the only one that felt this way but the whole AC series felt like it pandered to people that wanted to feel or look cool in a game with neat combos and acrobatics that took little to no actual skill as a player. I just finished Dishonored and loved it however so I know it can't just be the genre that I don't like.

That said they're polished games that look stellar.


Limbo is well worth $2.49

A very simple, dark puzzle game.

My kids love it... creeps them out, and I do need to help them from time to time figuring things out.

Fun to play with lights off in a dark room


@nevpaurion7: you're not alone I agree with you, I enjoyed the story in the games but the gameplay felt way to easy and no real skill involved. Just not my cup of tea I suppose, I can see why its popular though some people just want a casual game to easily play.